Spark!Lab Winners

SFE Spark!Lab Showcase and Awards Ceremony was held on March 10, 2016. This year the students had to come up with a real world health problem, and make or improve on an invention. We had 54 outstanding inventions and it was a very close competition.

NOTE: ALL 54 inventions are eligible for International Spark!Lab competition – submit entries HERE. If interested, you may schedule a conference with Mrs. Goodman to receive feedback and make any edits prior to submitting your entry.  For more information and helpful hints, please visit Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge website.

Here are the SFE winners:
Third Grade
3rd Grade Winners 380x253
3rd Place with Portable Water Filter ———- Jet Kennedy
2nd place with Mobile Crutch Holder ———- Miller Fokens and Samuel Florence
1st place with Epi-Fox Case ———- Cameron Baker
Her invention was an epi pen pack complete with GPS tracker so it can be found quickly in an emergency

Fourth Grade (Katie Yim not pictured)
4th Grade Winners 380x253
3rd place with Trash Mobile ———- James Duke
2nd place with Get Movin’ ———- Hannah Moran
1st place with Magnet your Hand Strength ———- Katie Yim
Her invention was a magnetic glove to help increase stroke victims’ hand and finger strength

Fifth Grade
5th Grade Winners 380x253
3rd place with ATM Water Filter ———- Aaron Parker, Matthew Shearstone and Trystin Berry
2nd place with Budget Slow Sand Water Filter ———- Cole Steiner and David Michelson
1st place with Thera Glove ———- Scott Ampudia
His project was a glove to help arthritis patients relieve their joint pain