Science Fair Winners

SFE’s 3rd annual Science Fair was a huge success with over 150 participants! The projects were fantastic and the students’ hard work paid off. A special thanks to parents who jumped in to help for the amazing turn out! Congratulations to all! Here are the winners:
3rd grade
1st place: Chloe Riser and Sophia Smail
2nd place: Lucas Brennan
3rd place: Grace Ann Weatherly and Christine Nesmith
4th grade
1st place: Kendall Hutton
2nd place: JP Higginbotham
3rd place: Mary Gilbert and Isabella Nambiar
5th grade
1st place: Jace Lavelle, Jake Moore and Sam Tegethoff
2nd place: Cyanea Robine and Alexandria Hocutt
3rd place: Ramya Guntur

First place winners will go on to the Cobb County Science Fair on Saturday, March 19th at Walton High School. We wish our Foxes great success!

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