Funded Programs


Our focus for the 2015-2016 school year will continue to be on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education and enrichment programs as follows:

  • Fund the STEM Lab by providing for salaries, equipment and materials — see the STEM Lab Blog for the latest happenings and information.
  • Fund the Technology Lab by providing for salaries, equipment and materials — We are excited to bring a full-time, certified teacher to our Technology Lab, Ms. Ashli Lyons! See the Technology Lab Blog which outlines all of the lessons the students will be working on this year.
  • Fund STEM Teacher Grants for each grade level — The Foundation first offered the Teacher Grant Program in 2009 to enable teachers to provide direct input on the educational initiatives that would most benefit their students. See more details on This Year’s Teacher Grants.
  • Provide IXL Math for all grade levels — The Foundation is glad to renew¬†IXL software subscriptions¬†for our students!
  • Sponsor Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, Science Fair, Invention Convention, STEM Night — We have an award winning Science Olympiad Team and are looking forward to another successful year! Our second annual Science Fair and STEM Night were a huge success thanks to your participation. We’ll see you again this year!
  • Support iPad Lab and other STEM initiative needs — Provide funds as needed for iPads, technology and other STEM certification expenses

STEM Information

Visit our school’s Family STEM Blog for the latest STEM happenings!

To learn what STEM education looks like, watch a Short Film about a STEM school and see where we are headed!